Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unit Plan

This unit will include a Role playing aspect to this unit. Students will be playing the role of Architect and I will be the Client. Students will gather information on a house that I have proposed to build. Students will take information and complete a set of drawings for their design. The only help that will be given from me is to ask questions about what I would like. All technical questions would have been addressed on eariler projects and assignments. Student's also will be able to ask for help from their peers.

Essential Question -
Does form follow function or does function follow form?

Unit Questions -

Why are Architect’s/Designers needed?

How do Architects/Designers incorporate the client’s wants and the Architect’s vision of the project into a cohesive design?

Content Questions -

What design style best fits what the client wants?

What activities are clients involved in?

What are the “needs” of the family?

What are the “wants” of the family?

How many beds and baths are needed?

What size of house is needed?


  1. I love this project! I am a little confused by the essential question. I am not sure what you are asking. I love the unit and content questions and how integrated to ech other they are. I am excited to see how this project plays out in class!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michael,
    Sounds like a fun unit! Your Essential Question is great....I think it encompasses the entire unit, then as you move into your content questions, you get much more specific. As someone who is not in your class, I could easily figure out "where" your lessons are going.

  3. This looks like a good idea for a problem based learning unit. Your EQ seems a little long. Perhaps you can shorten it to "Does Form Always Follow Function?" It could also be as simple as "What Do You Want?" I am interested to see how your student projects end up.